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7 Tips for Podcasters…From Your Fans

Thoughts - November 17, 2016

I was a little late to the podcast game, but found them when I was doing research for one of my books. And then came Serial. Now I listen to a handful of podcasts on a daily basis and love discovering new ones. I even had a podcast of my…

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My Quilt Collaboration with Tina Curran

Thoughts - April 27, 2016

OK, so the only thing I can sew is curtains and pillow cases because they require a straight line. I never thought I'd have a hand in anything as beautiful as this! But I talked with my friend, fellow NU alum and master quilter Tina Curran, and we came up…

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The G-Word

Thoughts - April 14, 2016

Grief has been a part of my life since my best friend of 30 years took her own life fifteen years ago. I don’t claim to corner the market on it, although sometimes it feels like it since I've lost four loved ones in the last 24 months. Why is…

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Trigger Warnings

Thoughts - March 25, 2016

I actually experienced a trauma trigger the other night from a TV show. A scene triggered a memory from my childhood and I cried. I sat and comforted myself until it was over and continued to watch the show. Before this, I was against the whole "Trigger Warning" thing. After…

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How to Raise a Successful Daughter

Thoughts - February 19, 2016

I'm proud to say that I raised a happy, successful daughter. As a single mom. And when people ask how I did that, at first I didn't know how to reply. But thinking back at our life together, I believe I've gained more insight on what I did right...and wrong.…

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A Dark Age for Artists

Thoughts, Writing Tips - December 30, 2015

You may think the digital age has created a renaissance for art. In some ways, it has. Artists can share their work with so many more people. We now have the ability to publish in so many more media and reach more fans. But it's also a dark age for…

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When You’ve been on Facebook for 8 years…

Thoughts - October 29, 2015

This was my first Facebook post, crying out for sympathy, yearning to be heard: No likes, no comments. A week and a day later, I am heard! My sister posts: But oh, how things have changed in these last eight years, two months, and twenty-five days! I was an early…

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As Subtle as the Pose

Thoughts - November 1, 2014

About ten years ago when the internet bubble popped, I took up a new career to pay the rent. I had a good camera back before everyone had one on their phones. Fortunately I was in L.A., so I hung out my shingle and started doing headshots and model portfolios…

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I Hate Halloween

Thoughts - October 23, 2014

I'll say it: I hate Halloween. It is my least favorite holiday. Since the age of two, I had severe childhood asthma. It was the sixties and it probably had to do with both of my parents smoking in our small apartment, but it was the Mad Men era, and…

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10 Things People Say to Authors

Humor, Thoughts, Writing Tips - August 7, 2014

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