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Byron Preiss – The Secret – Solution to Image 1 / Verse 7

Thoughts - January 21, 2018

Edit: In March of 2019 it was reported that the San Francisco casque had been found, however that has proven to be a HOAX. Keep…

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As Subtle as the Pose – 3 Years Later

Thoughts - August 30, 2017

I wrote As Subtle as the Pose three years ago, about how women were depicted in fashion advertising. The article received a lot of attention,…

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A Dark Age for Artists

Thoughts, Writing Tips - December 30, 2015

You may think the digital age has created a renaissance for art. In some ways, it has. Artists can share their work with so many…

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As Subtle as the Pose

Thoughts - November 1, 2014

Note: for my followup review on the Fashion Industry in 2017 read: As Subtle as the Pose - 3 Years Later About ten years ago…

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10 Things People Say to Authors

Humor, Thoughts, Writing Tips - August 7, 2014

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If Romeo & Juliet had Facebook

Thoughts - August 9, 2012

                            Opposites attract!

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